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4701 New Jersey Ave #100, Wildwood, NJ 08260

Wildwoods Rental Property Registration

Welcome Property Owners

We are getting ready for our first full season and we are excited to be of service.

We are planning a full out digital marketing campaign to bring in tenants from all over the Philadelphia and New York metro areas.

Below is the link to the 2023 Rental Registration Packet.

Please take a moment to fill this form out completely and either fax (609-522-9412), email (rentals@SPRNJ.com) or mail it to Shore Points Realty, 4701 New Jersey Avenue, Wildwood, NJ 08260.

When you get a chance, send a copy of your Mercantile License when you receive it. If you have any questions or if you do not plan to rent out your property in 2023, please contact our office with a quick reply.

We are already receiving summer inquiries for next year and we are being proactive to get your place rented as soon as possible in case we have a slower rental season than this year. Do not wait until the last moment.

Thank you for choosing Shore Points Realty and look forward to a successful rental season with you.