Offshore windmill park in a stormy north sea with spindrift waves

Are you for or against putting offshore wind power off the coast of Cape May County?

In my opinion most people have a strong stance on which side of the debate they are on. The real question is, what is best for the environment?

Lets ask Ben Franklin what he would do! Remember how he analyzed the pros and cons?

  • What are the main reasons people seem to be against Ocean Wind Power? The first one is seeing them on a bright clear day at the beach. Secondly, The cost of installing alternative energy and maintaining them. Lastly, The issue of upsetting the wildlife in the air and the water. Would you agree these are the correct reasons not to have windmills out there?
  • What are the main reasons people seem to be for offshore windmills? The first is that any type of alternative energy is better than fossil fuel energy to run our homes and businesses. Secondly the ocean is the best location to run these powerful wind turbines. Thirdly, the costs may be higher than traditional energy sources, but we are concerned with the future of the planet.

Does New Jersey politics have much to do with the decisions to move in the direction a “Phase down” to alternative energy?

If you are over the age of 18, you know the answer is yes.

So what do we do in the meantime?

Here are four articles about this subject. One is about the reasons not to pursue offshore wind energy and another is about two Danish scientists that have worked on creating much better wind turbine technology. An article about the advantages of off Shore Wind Energy and one about the pros and cons wind energy. This is your chance to figure out the pros and cons for yourself..

The Long-Term Costs of Wind Turbines

Engineers behind key wind turbine tech win 2024 Queen Elizabeth prize for Engineering

Advantages of Off Shore Wind

The pros and cons of onshore & offshore wind

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